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Now for something completely different...

I've been trying my hand at short-story writing for the adult market, mainly because my new work in progress is quite challenging and I'm afraid to get started and muck it up. Short stories are fun and nowhere near as high maintenance as a full on novel. As you can probably guess, the ocean is a theme in many of them. My latest one is called Whispers of the Deep. I use the image of the southern right whale to explore the following concepts:

• Freedom - Whales symbolize freedom.

• Strength - Whales are mighty, resilient creatures that are able to withstand tremendous pressure and challenges.

• Family/Belonging - Whales often travel and communicate in family pods, showing the importance of kinship and togetherness.

• Hope - Whales migrating and breaching can inspire hope and wonder in observers.

• Transformation - Whales migrate and evolve throughout their lives, showing the possibility of transformation within continuity of being.

FYI All of these ideas were generated by AI when I asked for some feedback on the symbolism in my short story. Not only did it identify these concepts but also added facts from the story to support each one. Cool, isn't it?


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