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Paisley Partridge

Paisley knows what she wants and how to get it. And nothing will stop her from discovering who is stealing Shearwater Bay's little penguins. Who knows? They might even put a statue in the school's courtyard to honour her greatness when she solves the case.

The Seraph's Song

Are you a Seraph if you don't have wings? And if not, then what are you? Melisande 's future is challenged when she, her human maid, and her cousin are drawn into the Othertime and into The Rouster's plans to fix the past.  But in fixing the past, what will become of the home they left behind? And what kind of future will they create?

Quit Calling me Stumblemore

Charlie Taylor lives for basketball. He's a wiz on the court and perhaps that's not all. Is he The Mage of the Age that the strange man Chaostius and his friend Wilder are searching for? And if he is, he will have the power to be the best basketballer who ever lived?  But when his dreams collide with his mother's childhood passion to become a rockstar, Charlie and his sister Lucy's very existence could become the price that magic demands.

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