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I'm Going Into Business!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

I've learnt a LOT this year about the writing world. Some things have made me sad. Some have made me nervous and scared and some have been very exciting. I'm grateful that I've started this new adventure as, now that I'm not teaching, my brain needs something to keep it happy. And as I told my students, we are all lifelong learners. I've enjoyed learning about self-publishing even though it scares my socks off. If you know me in the real world, you will know that I'm a 'keep a low profile' kinda girl. Now, if I want to sell my books, I'll have to be brave and step up. I'm going to have to put into practice the things I've been teaching my students all these years - be brave, take a chance, understand that mistakes are part of learning and sometimes we fail and that's okay. I'm learning now that it's easier to say these things than do them myself. But here goes... I'm in the process of creating my own imprint called Coco-Woo books (named for Cora (Coco) and Ezra (Ezzie Woo-Woo). My first self-published book called Call the Wild Sea is in the process of being professionally edited. My daughter, Anna, designed the front cover for me. I'm excited and scared in equal measure. I can't wait to share it, but I'm terrified too.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 20, 2022

Well done, Wendy. Nothing ventured, ........................................

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