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Call the Wild Sea - A middle grade novel

Call the Wild Sea - A middle grade novel



Fin struggles to prove herself as a surfer despite challenges at school that threaten to define her. Aspiring to be like her hero Tyler Wright, she pursues surfing with determination. Meanwhile,  Ashina possesses earthmagic that allows her to shape the natural world but at a cost - it destroys what she loves most.  

Born under the wolf moon and gifted with earthmagic, Fin and Ashina journey to the Tasman Peninsula in search of wildemagic, said to grant one's heart's desires. Accompanied by their friends Ruby, Stingray and the shape-shifter Bran, they face many dangers: a magic-thief who wants to steal their powers for himself and a secret someone is keeping that could change one of their lives forever.   

Fin and Ashina must master their gifts and conquer the fearsome beauty of Turrakana  to claim the wildemagic and create the futures they desire. But at what cost will that power come? And which of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

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